Monday, January 31, 2011

Night @ TJ's

We have been planning eons ago to have a night out and finally it happened and we just decided to just go out. The best laid plans really would not be pushed trough but the one that you do not plan at all are done! We have just decided to go out since my two oldest sis can rest their job called motherhood and just be single for a night with me, my younger sis and cousin!

We have so much fun! It was a great night. My elder sis ( yun nasundan ko) have never ever been had any liquor! geez! I had hard drinks since I was a freshmen in college ( since engineering dept are dominated by men so i have many male friends so i was badly influenced to have a drink or two). Before going home we looked for a bar and grill restaurant where we can initiate her first drinking session. She's already 30 so she really need to tatse it! Walang beer sa langit! hehe

We went to TJ's (greenhills.  near promenade mall)

We ordered zombie, margarita, tequila rose, pina colada. The Prices are reasonable and I loved the sisig bagnet!


blue margarita



sisig bagnet


We have GIFT certificates for Cabalen so Me and my cousin Tin went out and went to Mall of Asia to window shop and of course eat our hearts out in Cabalen. It's been eons since we've been there! IT's been 4 years since our palate taste all the foods being served in cabalen.

When we we're tired and hungry we went to cabalen and asked the girl infont on what time will be the dinner and we were answered that it's on going already. It's only 5 o'clock but since our stomach needs to be satiated we presented the GC to her and we we're led at our table. I had the Fried Kang-kong, Umba, Pork sisig, Lechon, maki, and i think i also had imbotido and chocolate mallows and iced tea. The lechon was not yummy. It was too bland tasting. The next time that i'll be eating there, note to self - just eat kang-kong, maki and the mallows! I don't know why but I was not satisfied with the way all of the food that i tasted. IT was bland and oily.

And while we we're eating they were cleaning the floor. I don't know why. maybe something spilled there or they are cleaning while there's still not too crowded.. the aroma of the zonrox was too everwhelming and while eating it tend to make one lost their appetite and not enjoy the food.

BUt all in all even if the way it taste ( i mean the way it was taste years ago! the food was great! ) was not on par with the way it used to, I will still go there and pig out! They are cheaper than Dad's and Yakimix so if I have a tight budget i'll still go and visit cabalen and if be given a GC again! who am I to refused a gift! It's still food! =)